10 Ways to Foster Your Child’s Creativity

Fostering your little one’s creativity in the first five years of his or her life helps support mental growth and is beneficial to the whole child. One way to encourage this creativity is to build your family library. Infants and toddlers have minds that work non-stop, and a plethora of books helps keep them growing with constant positive stimulation.


Consider including multiple spaces throughout your home where your child can easily access the books.

Having a bookshelf in the family room as well as a collection in his or her bedroom allows easy access for both of you throughout the day. Place the books low so they can be easily reached and put away later by the child. In general, opt for black and white or extremely vibrant books in order to catch his or her attention. Infants can see high contrast best, making books with this type of visual imagery of more interest to them. Maintain books for your own library as well as others in the household. Do not discount the impact of a child who sees loved ones reading, which often results in an emulation of the action. Learn more about building your child’s library as well as other tips on fostering creativity by checking out the following infographic.



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