5 Ways You Can Stay Active And Have Fun With Your New Baby

A new child for many couples means that they are going to have to change their lifestyle immensely. What many people think is that they are not going to have fun for the most part, the truth is that the fun just changes a bit. You need to figure out how your baby responds to certain things as a loud noise might not scare a baby, another baby might be sent into a fit if there is a loud noise. Planning out nice days as a family have to have other options as sometimes a small child simply is not going to cooperate. The following are ways that you can stay active and have fun with your new baby.

Long Walks Around The Neighborhood

Carrying your baby around the neighborhood on a few strolls daily can help you get in shape and allows them to see new things. This does depend on the weather but if you dress your baby in warm clothes it can be beneficial to their immune system to be in various types of weather. Get into a routine of doing this as a baby strapped to your chest might take this as the perfect time to nap. Going around the neighborhood could be a perfect precursor to a nap which allows you to do other things around the house that you need to.

Go Out To Lunch (Planned With A Nap)

The one thing that many parents don’t realize is if they plan it correctly giving your baby a bottle at lunch can allow them to sleep while you enjoy your meal. This can be a bit harder at dinner as dinner crowds tend to be a bit louder. You will know what restaurants are going to be loud and busy so avoid these until you know how your baby will respond. With this being said, know your order by looking online as you want to make the meal as short as possible to reduce the chances of incident. The one thing that you are not going to want to forget is the diaper bag as this most likely is where you will put the bottle. Keep a bag packed so you can leave quickly if needed from home if your baby is starting to fade into a deep slumber.

Exercise At Home…Your Baby Will Like It

Doing an exercise video at home might not be something that you want to do in front of friends but most likely your baby will think it is funny. Babies love interaction so doing a Zumba class from a video online can allow you to interact while burning some calories. When your baby gets a bit older and starts walking you can do this together and both have fun. This does not mean that if you have a weight set at home that you should lift around your child. This is more for things like yoga and workouts that stress getting your heart rate up instead of lifting the most weight possible.

As you can see you can still stay active and enjoy yourself with your baby. You just have to have an exit strategy if the day is not going as planned. You can still have fun, just a different kind of fun!

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