After Baby Arrives: Guilt-Free Pampering Pointers for New Mothers

If you’re like a lot of new moms, you probably focus most of your attention on your newborn. While this is lovely and natural, it’s also a sure way to get ‘new mother burnout.’ Yes, you can pamper yourself without feeling guilty. In fact, experts say you should. In the interest of happy families everywhere, we are pleased to present a sweet selection of pampering pointers for brand new mothers.

Pampering is necessary. So is art

One Medical Group maintains healthcare clinics in Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other major cities. Post-partum experts at OMC recommend a number of pampering modalities, including post partum massages and hiring a special sort of nanny called a ‘night doula’ to watch out for baby so Mom can catch some much-needed shuteye. The majority of night doulas have undergone formal training and may hold a Registered Nurse (RN) degree or Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) degree. Night doulas are espeically helpful when baby has colic or when a new mommy is nervous about breastfeeding.

Maternal bodywork offers welcome, healing relief to women as they transition into motherhood. Besides offering stress reduction and pain relief, post partum massage may benefit hormone regulation and improve breastfeeding, too, say motherhood gurus at XO Necole magazine. A great masseuse who specializes in post partum therapy can assist in recovery from C-section delivery and help any new mom get back to her pre-pregnancy shape.

If you made time for art before you had a baby, you can continue after your little one is born. You may not have time to set up an easel, but you can surely fit a few colorful mandalas into your day. Simply download a free Android art app and open it whenever you have a few minutes to yourself. This coloring book app from Apalon offers gorgeous geometric patterns along with a rainbow of digital colors with which to decorate them.

Fit some girly time into your new mom routine

During the last months of pregnancy, you might not have been able to see, much less reach your own toes. If it’s been a while since you and a bestie splurged on mani-pedis, now is the time to renew that delightful tradition. Hire a sitter or leave baby with an auntie or grandma, and keep an appointment at your favorite local beauty salon. If you don’t have a best friend with whom to hang out and do girly stuff, take a book to your pedicure appointment and catch up on missed reading.

Rest, rejuvenate and let others help

Let Daddy help out any time he wants to. In fact, suggest he hold baby in his lap and rock her while he watches the football game on TV. Not only will this experience help the two of them establish a daddy-daughter bond, it will give you much-needed time away from the rigors of new motherhood. If grandparents want to babysit, let them.

Use whatever free time you can find to do something frivolous, or just go to another room and enjoy a nice long nap. Either way, there’s nothing to feel guilty about.


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