Car Seat Issues: Baby Crying

Crying is natural way for babies to express their needs, wants, and feelings. It is the only way for them to let their parents and/or caregivers know that they are uncomfortable, need to be held, hungry, sleepy, or sick. A crying baby is very distressing to handle especially if you are unaware of the reason behind their crying episodes. Some parents even have a hard time calming or effectively handling their crying and screaming babies resulting to a very bad day.

One of the most distressing things to deal with is handling a baby who cries a lot in his car seat. Although not every baby cries or screams while inside his infant car seat, some babies just don’t like to be restrained in a car seat. Restraining a baby in an infant car seat can result to limited freedom and movement reason why they get bored and uncomfortable during car travel. However, keeping them in a car seat that is specifically designed for them is the only way to keep them safe and protected during the entire travel.

Some babies don’t like to be seated in a car seat and this can be a total disaster for parents. Handling a baby who cries while inside a car seat can cause panic, anxiety, and stress. It can even result to parent’s loss of focus while driving putting everyone in the car at risk. To assist parents handle this very common car seat issue, below are some helpful strategies to prevent your baby from crying while inside his car seat:

  • Before going for a car travel, check if your baby is in a healthy condition. It is not uncommon for a sick baby to have a crying episode in places where he is not totally comfortable.

  • Always keep your baby comfortable during travel. Dress him in a comfortable garment, warm him safely during winter, see to it that the straps of the harness are not too tight as it might cause pain to the baby, and make sure that he is well fed and clean before going.

  • If you are driving the car and becomes distracted by the crying of your baby, it is best to pull over and calm him down. Do not drive while trying to figure out how to calm down your baby as it my result to accidents and other driving problems.

  • If the car seat is new, take it inside your home and slowly introduce it to the baby. Let him sit on it, play on it, and explore it.

  • Keep a handful of small and soft toys inside the car to keep the baby entertained during car travel. You can also play children’s songs or lullabies to create a lively and interesting atmosphere to the baby.

  • Always make sure to purchase a car seat that is not too small for your baby’s dimension and height. Inappropriate car seat size can cause extreme discomfort, also make sure that the car seat has comfortable cushioning and padding to ensure a snug fit.

  • Talk or sing to your baby while inside the car to let him know that you are just around. Babies can recognize their parent’s voices and it can calm them down.

  • Choose routes that have less traffic to shorten the travel period. Long drives can make babies uneasy and uncomfortable.

So if your car seat concern is all about your crying baby, do not forget to try the above tips and guidelines. Always remember that your baby deserves a safe, comfortable, and happy car travel.

Author bio:

Sherry is a new mother who has a 6 months old daughter. She has always been focus on baby safety and begin to find the best convertible car seat for her daughter.

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