Christmas gifts to encourage kids to be healthy and active

If you are thinking of getting your kids a gift that will help to get the moving this year, then it can be hard to know exactly what to get, and how to keep them safe while they are doing it.

Here are some tips for things that you could get them that will help them to get more exercise.

Get them something that they will enjoy doing

If you can afford it and if you feel safe to do so, buying your children something like a bike or a scooter can be a good encourage your kids to move around more. There is also a chance that they might not think of it as exercising if they are doing it as part of their normal playing routine.

Take the time to get them all of the safety gear that they will need while using it such as a crash helmet, and pads to protect their elbows, shins and knees, and keep a close eye on them while they are using it in case they get hurt. If you aren’t sure which to get for your kids to keep them safe, then you can always ask at your local bike or scooter shop.

Buy appropriate video games that encourage fitness

In recent years, there has been a lot more video games that encourage the people who play them to move around rather than just pressing buttons on a controller. If you have a console that will allow you to play these games, then you could buy some of these that you think could be appropriate for your kids.

They often have options for more one player, so you could play as a family. You can do this indoors if the weather is too bad to go out

Buy family lessons

If there is a sport or activity that all the family enjoy. You could pay for the family to all take lessons in this. It can be a great way for you all to spend time together, motivate each other, and all get fit at once.

Buy a healthy cookbook

Buying a cook/ baking book full of healthy recipes for things that you can cook or bake together as a family and learn about a healthy diet.

Other ideas

Things like hula hoops, skipping ropes and sports sets can be some other cheap presents to encourage fitness.



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