Crib Bedding & Nursery Bedding Ideas

UntitledDesigning and decorating a baby’s room is such a wonderful part of planning for the new arrival – it’s a chance to express all of your hopes and dreams as you create a safe and secure place to nurture your little one. Every element is important, from the crib bedding to the curtains, the floor and wall treatments, the lighting and more; it can actually be difficult to decide what theme to go with because there are so many terrific options.

Experienced parents (and grandparents) know that raising children take a lot of work and once you get started there’s never enough time to get everything done that you’d like to. This is why planning is important – it’s a good idea to take a long range view when you decorate the baby’s room because it may well be their bedroom for years to come.

Newborns can only see black, white and gray. As their sight develops, the first color they recognize is red; however, avoid red in a nursery because it can create confusion to a newborn when it’s the only color they see. Softer tones, like blues, greens and pinks, begin to develop at the same rate so they’re more pleasing to a newborn’s eye. Instead of wallpapering the room with a juvenile print or painting the room in pastel colors you may be better off going with neutral wall treatments such as a cream or beige paint or a buff wall covering.

Redecorating is easy when you work with a neutral palette – you can introduce all sorts of prints, patterns and colors by using home textiles such as bedding, curtains, area rugs and decorative pillows along with slipcovers.  Lamps can be replaced or updated with new lamp shades and the room can be reconfigured using folding screens or bed canopies. When you decorate with textiles and accessories it’s easy to change the look of a room in minutes.

Decals are a great way to make a statement, but they can be removed when your tot outgrows them. You don’t need glue for application and you can simply peel it off the wall. Even a room with plain white walls can get a little dazzle from decals. You can use these to customize furniture, so everything in your baby’s bedroom will look unique.

For inexpensive and creative art, frame pictures from old children’s books. A row of framed pages can be interactive for children as they learn to read, as well as fill a large blank wall in a contemporary way.

In a nursery you never know what is going to get dirty. Try to make just about everything in the room washable and durable. Hardwood floors with rugs are great, but if you do not have the luxury of hardwood, rugs laid over carpet work as well. Rugs are handy because you can replace them whenever you update your theme or colour-scheme.

Perhaps you want to create a castle-like room worthy of a queen for your little princess – an ordinary crib looks magical when a white or pink bed canopy is draped around it; ribbons, faux flowers and sparkle embellishments add drama and make the crib the focal point of the room. Use a mirrored disco ball to make the room shimmer and sparkle – baby will love it too.

Geared up about your new baby boy – set the scene with an automotive or big truck décor motif; it’s easy when you get the right nursery bedding. The crib can be painted red and stenciled or stickered with automotive decals; use plastic trucks or cars to add color and visual interest. Removable wall borders and wall art can be used to enhance the décor without the effort of stenciling or painting. If you have a childhood collection of cars and trucks they can be placed on a shelf as décor – it’s a great way to inspire your little one.


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