Dating Advice for Later In Life

With more than 3.5 million people meeting their romantic partners online and a growing number of those people being in the over 60 age group, it seems that the interest of older people in online dating is set to become a permanent feature. Yet the challenges faced by those looking for friendship, companionship and love in their later years are subtly different to those of younger singles – which is where a little advice can come in useful.

Being Honest With Yourself


For many older people re-joining the dating scene, it can be incredibly daunting. Some have lost their lifelong partner through illness or age, others have had their world turned upside down by changing circumstances and divorce. With adult children’s opinions to also consider, it begins to become a challenging background for starting a new relationship – of any kind. The most important thing to do is to be honest with yourself. Knowing what kind of relationship you are looking for will be crucial. Some people are looking for age-appropriate companions with whom dinner, theatre or other social activities can be shared as friends. Others are openly looking for romantic and sexual connections. A little soul searching at the outset will enable you to understand how you are feeling and the kind of connections you can forge.

Complete Your Profile

Personality profiling is a large part of many dating sites. It is how they match people together, based on their shared interests or values. Be truthful on the questionnaires, though of course you are trying to ‘sell’ yourself as well. When choosing a photograph, pick one in which you are smiling and happy, looking your best – though avoid photographs which also contain members of the opposite sex who could be construed to be your partner.

Make A Date

Once the profile is on the website, you will be able to start talking to other members and see if there are any connections. Some Senior Dating agencies, provide lists of potential matches, others allow you to look for yourself and find those with whom you might be compatible. When engaging in conversation for the first time, asking the kinds of questions you would at a dinner party can be a good starting point. Asking after family and children, employment and hobbies are good, safe topics. Some approach the conversation like an interview but this should be avoided. You are aiming to foster natural conversation and friendship, not an interrogation!

Knowing When to Say No

Some people get invited for a date immediately. If this is in a public place and you are interested, by all means accept. Just bear in mind the important safety tips for internet dating: meet in a public environment like a café, tell someone where you are going with details about your date (such as name, screen-name and any other information) and let someone know what time you should be home. Never meet in a stranger’s house – and don’t be pressured into agreeing to meet if you do not.


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