De-stress before your wedding – Tips for a stress-free week before the D-Day

So he put your engagement ring on your ring-finger and picked a date and a dress for you. But what if you all of a sudden receive something which you hadn’t planned for: stress? Regardless of how much psyched you are to marry the guy of your choice whom you have been dating for long, getting stressed out during the process of planning is something inevitable and too natural. But the fact is that you don’t require letting anxiety take off all the joy of your D-day. In order to make your journey through the aisle seem like a cakewalk, you can take into account the de-stressing tips listed above.

  •   Finalize the itinerary for your wedding: The timeline for your wedding has to be realistic and has enough room for mistakes. In case you haven’t yet hired a wedding planner, you can ask your on-site coordinator or photographer to give you guidance so that you can avoid the red flags. Make sure you complete this entire task by the beginning of your wedding week so that you may confirm all the vendors by then.
  •  Get a digital detox: After you spend a tough day at your office and when there’s a weekend which is going to be packed with too many wedding preparations, turn off the laptop, TV, mobile phone and iPad. Switch on some chill-out music and take a soothing cup of green tea. Take your own sweet time away from the mundane lifestyle and spend some calm moment with your fiancé.
  •   Keep time for meditation: Are you someone who never tried meditation? If answered no, this is probably the perfect time to do so. There are numerous meditation apps and several online videos which can get you started. You may even start attending a yoga class. Choose a place with minimum distraction and invest at least 10 minutes in meditation. You can leave all those event management and wedding planning lists at the back of your mind then.
  •   Pamper yourself: How about getting a spa during the weekend so that you can ease off a busy mind? A facial, a massage or a pedicure can do wonders in helping you reduce your levels of stress. You can visit one of the most luxurious spa retreats to melt away all your worries as you deserve a royal treatment during your wedding indeed. Choose a scenic location to become a stress-free bride.
  •   Stay connected with your fiancé: Under the stress and pressure of planning your wedding, make sure you don’t lose touch with the most wanted person, your fiancé. Find out time for date nights, a weekend or a movie. Spend some quality time with each other just the week before your wedding as this too can alleviate your stress levels.

So, if your brain is racked up with the to-do lists for wedding planning and has lead to enough stress, follow the steps mentioned above in order to de-stress and detox yourself. De-stressing can also make you look like a beautiful bride.

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