How to Give the Perfect Gift of Jewellery

Jewellery occupies a rather strange place in our collective gift giving mentality. It’s seen as both thoughtful and a fall back – as both an extravagance and an easy option. Easy to get wrong, but always appreciated when chosen wisely, it’s the last refuge of many people throughout the world who’ve simply given up on spending any real time or effort on choosing anything else.

However, this isn’t to say that no-one should ever give jewellery as a gift. Especially not at Christmas, which is a time of year so sparkly that it almost demands that more sparkles be added wherever possible. Instead, more importance should be placed upon the jewellery gift-giving process  in order to incentives the gift-giver into putting extra effort in to choosing a piece of jewellery that you know the recipient will truly enjoy.

Choosing for Wear

The first way to choose jewellery is to make your selection based on what you think the recipient will get the most use out of. If they have a particular style or taste which you can use for inspiration, great. Or perhaps they have a particular interest or hobby that you could translate into a thoughtful pendant or ring. But don’t forget to take into account the habits of the recipient, and not just their activities. Do they have pierced ears? Do they engage in activities which get their hands dirty? Are they a habitual wearer of polo neck shirts? The answers to these questions may preclude your being able to offer them an item of jewellery that they will feel comfortable wearing on a regular basis.

Choosing for Beauty

The second way to choose a piece of jewellery is based on the beauty of the item in question. If something is truly, outstandingly beautiful, it may not matter so much if the recipient chooses to wear it either just the once or a hundred times. The very fact of possessing it will be a wonderful gift in itself. In this case, ignore trends, and ignore the recipient’s habits (for the most part). Do take special note of their tastes, however. An engraved piece might also work well for this type of gift.

Choosing for Longevity

The third method of choosing a piece of jewellery is to select a piece which you know will last a lifetime. These items tend to be either rare, of high worth, or of high sentimental value. Most jewellery doesn’t come with sentiment automatically built in, so in this type of situation a locket is a very good choice, as you can then personalise it to suit the recipient. Engraving works well in for this type of gift also. If you’re after something with longevity, you may also wish to select a bespoke piece. Retailers such as Zayah offer this service as standard.

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