How to Prepare Yourself for Maternity Photography


More and more people are interested in having maternity photography done.  Indeed, this is a fashion that will probably last for a long time, and it should.  After all, it celebrates a unique and magical experience, the creation of life.  Maternity photography helps to capture these moments and keep them safe forever, allowing you to look back on your own growth and emotions during this special time.  Some even say that they feel the bond with their children has been stronger thanks to these pictures, not in the least because it is something kids can look at later and gain a greater understanding of where they actually came from.

What Maternity Photography Does – And Doesn’t – Do

You have to remember that the goal of maternity photography is not to turn you into a supermodel.  Instead, it wants to capture how your body develops and changes during those nine months of pregnancy.  It isn’t about creating an image of classical beauty, but rather to express and convey emotion.  There are very revealing and this is something you have to prepare yourself for.

Preparing Yourself Psychologically and Physically for Maternity Photography

One of the main issues women struggle with when they use maternity photography is privacy.  The photographs are very exposing, showing highly private areas of the body.  Of course, you have to set your own limits in terms of how much you are happy to show.  Although fully nude pictures are often the most beautiful, you are under no obligation to actually bare all.  This is particularly true if you want to actually frame your photographs and allow others to see them.  It would be understandable that you are not happy with others seeing certain parts of your body.  Hence, before you go to your photo shoot, you have to consider how much you are happy to reveal.

Of course, you have to prepare yourself physically as well.  You need to consider your makeup, your clothes, the poses you want to take up and more.  If you are not happy about being fully naked, you may want to choose skin-colored underwear, for instance.  Some photographs that are particularly beautiful utilize various fabrics that you wrap yourself in, and you may want to bring these with you.  However, do speak to your photographer first, as they may have a lot of props on set that you can work with.

This is equally true for your makeup.  Very often, a studio will have a makeup artist available to work on your skin and overall look.  It is generally not recommended to do it yourself and just wear your regular makeup, because photographs come out better if you really exaggerate your look.  This can look weird in a mirror, but with the right light and a little bit of photoshopping, it will actually make you look amazing.

Remember that the pictures you are having taken will create memories that will last a lifetime.  This is something that you can look back on for years to come, perhaps while adding pictures of your child as they grow up as well.

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