How to Throw a Baby Shower

If your friends are expecting a child, it’s a great idea to throw a baby shower. The baby shower is an event that places the expectant mother at the centre and allows her to receive gifts from friends and loved ones that will make the early stages of parenthood just that little bit easier. The event is also a great opportunity for friends to give their congratulations to the parents-to-be and enjoy an afternoon of merriment.

Time and Place

Most parents-to-be prefer to have baby showers later on in the pregnancy, so that they can be sure that everything is going well and no early complications have arisen. The later stages of pregnancy can be stressful for expectant mothers, so the baby shower can act as a welcome diversion and something fun to look forward to. Although some people like to throw surprise baby showers, it’s usually best to let the parents-to-be in on the secret so that they can choose a time when there are no prior commitments. You should also involve the grandparents in choosing the date, as they will be important guests. There’s no reason why you can’t have the shower after the baby is born, so don’t forget to consider this option. When choosing the venue, exclude the mum-to-be’s house straight away. You don’t want her to have to worry about cleaning before her shower, as pregnancy is already a busy time for women.

Decorations and Gifts

Throwing the baby shower might be your present to the expectant parents, but if you want to supplement this with another gift, make sure you go for something really special. You can find unique Moses baskets from retailers like Lollipop Lane, that perfect for new-borns and can be filled with other gifts for when the mum-to-be walks through the door. You could even decorate the basket with ribbons and flowers to make it look even more personal. The best way to throw a successful baby shower without breaking the bank is to ask each gift for a small contribution. This will cover the food and drinks, going-home goody bags, prizes for any games you play, the decorations and cake. You can of course ask a friend to make the cake, and save on venue costs by having it your home. Regardless of budget, what makes a baby shower special is having all the people that the mother-to-be loves in one room, supporting her and wishing her new baby well. 

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