How To Throw A Kid Birthday Party For Less

Throwing your child’s birthday party can be an incredibly stressful affair. This is doubly true if you don’t have a ton of extra money to spend on the party. With new rules in classrooms forcing parents to invite every kid to the party, it’s no wonder less people are throwing parties for their children. However, if you want to throw your kid a birthday party there are still ways around it that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Here are some great tips on how you can save big on your kid’s next birthday bash.


Going Simple

While you definitely don’t want your child’s birthday party to be completely impersonal, going without a theme or a particular character from a child’s film is a great way to not only give your kid’s birthday party great style, but also to save a ton of money on decor and invites. Going without the characters is a great way to save money because not only can you DIY decor this way, but you’ll also come out with bright colors or pastels that will give your child’s birthday party a great stylish flair that is all the rage in kid’s style these days. If you want to get your kid a matching outfit, save big with this Hanna Andersson coupon on bright colored hoodies and more that will go great with a rainbow themed birthday party. This is a great way to give your child’s birthday a timeless appeal that will be loved for generations to come.



When it comes to saving money but also having great decor, DIY is the way to go. From streamers to the birthday cake, you can save a ton of money by doing it all from scratch. Most of the time, you’ll find that doing it yourself (with the help of your kiddos, of coure), is a great way to give your personal touch to any birthday party. The best part about this is that the costs are relatively low, but they are also reusable! Nobody will know if you used handmade streamers for multiple birthday parties because they’re generally less involved, and don’t have characters that are easily recognizable.


Small Gatherings

Birthday parties are a great time for your kid to hang around with others and meet new people. However, for the shier bunch, it may be a good idea to stick with a smaller affair. Not only are these more intimate parties a great way for your child to feel more comfortable at their birthday party, but you’ll save more money when it comes to gift bags, food, and rental spaces. It’s a great time for your kid to come into their own, and if you want to keep the party small, you should make sure that the party isn’t broadcasted to the whole class, so that no kid feels left out.

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