Ideas For Personalised School Bears

If you are thinking about using personalised school bears for your school fundraising event or school leavers gifts then you might want to know all the different ways that you will be able to go able personalizing them. It is important to make sure that you come up with an idea that you think suits the school the best as well as an idea that is going to be appealing to those who will be receiving it. This is certainly the case if it will be used for a fundraising event.

Include The Year

The first thing you may want to consider is including the year for your personalised school bears. This will help the students to remember the grade that they were in when they got the bear. The only potential problem that you will have with including the year is that you will not be able to carry any excess bears over to the next school year for other students. If you choose to use the date, which is a great idea, make sure that you don’t over order by too much.

Include School Mascot

The school mascot is always fun to include when you are personalizing things and this works great for personalised school bears as well. You may want to have only the mascot on the bear or you may decide to use the mascot as well as a few other ideas for the personalization of the school bears.

Include The School Name

Another great idea for your personalised school bears is to include the name of the school. This will really help to promote the school as well as help the students in remembering the school they attended when they got the bear. You can use the school name along with other different personalization ideas as well.

School bears are fun and exciting and great for students of nearly all ages. They are just one of the great options that you have for fundraising events and school leavers gifts however. Some of the other ideas that you may want to use along with the school bear are school refrigerator magnets, school branded water bottles, and even school mouse mats. All of these options are able to be personalised as well. You can use the same design for each one or you can decide if a different unique design is going to be the best option for your school.


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