Keeping the romance alive in your marriage

We all love the first few months of a new relationship; that honeymoon phase where you have butterflies you get in your stomach and permanent smile on your face. If you’re lucky enough to have found the man/woman of your dreams, you might go on to get married, have children and buy a house. Sharing these experiences together can be exciting but they can also bring great responsibility.

When you are working full time, doing housework or looking after the kids, finding the time for romance with your partner can be a lot more difficult than in the initial flourishes of your relationship. However, maintaining your position as ‘husband and wife’ rather than just ‘mom and dad’ is an important part of any marriage. Love and affection between couples creates a happy home life and a stable foundation for children to grow up in.

If you feel like the romance is waning in your relationship there are things you can do to keep it alive. Just as you might schedule in the kid’s swimming lessons or your next hair appointment, so too must you schedule in a little romance! Not only does this give you something to look forward to, but it also means neither of you will have an excuse!

Having a date night is a great way to get the romance flowing again. Once a month, call the babysitter or the grandparents and spend the evening together, just the two of you. You could go out for a meal, or catch a movie, or even take a weekend away if you can. Anything which involves you spending quality time together can be extremely beneficial for your relationship.

It’s important not to feel selfish or guilty for spending time together without the kids. It’s important that you can connect with each other on a personal and a romantic level in order to be the best parents that you can. Plus, no kids want a stressy mommy and daddy!

So, no matter how hectic life gets, always make sure you pencil in a little ‘couple time’ with one another. There’s no single secret to a happy marriage but being a parent doesn’t have to turn you into a boring person! Life can still be fun and exciting, it just takes a little more organising.

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