Kids Tend To Enjoy Puzzles

Puzzle solving is an intelligent pastime for children and a good way of developing skills that can be of great use at different situations. Children must be encouraged to spend some time solving puzzles of different kinds that are appropriate to their age group. Sudoku is one such numerical puzzle that is suitable for different age groups of children, once they begin to understand numbers well. The rules of the game are simple and the technique is mastered with practice.

Simple puzzles for children

There are simple versions of Sudoku that are suitable for kids; they have a number of hints to help them solve the puzzle. The more they succeed in solving these puzzles the more they will play. There are different versions of the puzzle that are available these days in the many toy stores and from reputed brands. There are board game versions of it and even books with a number of puzzles printed. The other most popular version is the one available in gaming websites online. There is even Sudoku software available that suit different gaming consoles, computers and other such devices. There are TV shows where these puzzles are solved. The game is often associated with intelligence and so children try their hand at it to prove a point.

Encourage kids to solve puzzles

Kids must be encouraged to solve puzzles; this is a good way of detecting their cognitive skills as it improves a lot of their mental faculties. Mental games are as important as much as physical ones for the wholesome development of the child. Many teachers and other educational instructors have been able to detect problems in children through their puzzle solving skills and have been able to work on the areas of deficiency. They are very beneficial in improving concentration and focus on a task at hand and also to reason and find a solution to a problem. This is one great lesson that can come of use in life’s situations too and thus is very important for the child to focus on solving such mental puzzles. Sudoku rules are simple to follow and the kids can master the technique with practice. Schools conduct competitions for their wards to challenge themselves and among each other in solving different puzzles. It is a healthy way to face competition and it teaches them to perform under pressure of time constraints. It has been proven to improve memory and above all it makes the brain sharp and alert and ready to take on challenges.

Mark is a sudoku enthusiast who specializes in creating complex sudoku games.

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