Parents Need to Recognize Their Drinking Problem

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Alcohol has its time and place. An occasional drink in the appropriate setting is acceptable for anyone of legal age. However, when drinking becomes a necessity, when it consumes your life, when it places others in danger, then it is a problem.

Many people do not recognize that they have a problem with alcohol. They feel they can control their drinking. Perhaps, they may not even realize how much or how often they are drinking alcohol. The truth is, you may not see it, but your children do.

Children Watch Their Parents

Children are always watching their parents. This means that it is not okay to have a drink and then drive your children over to their friend’s house. If the situation arises and you are charged with a DWI, whether you are in New Jersey or New Mexico, you will need to hire a professional for help.

According to Evan Levow, a DWI attorney in New Jersey, “He believes that their law firm has an excellent track record of success because they prepare all of their cases as if they were going to trial.”  Therefore, anyone who is facing DWI charges will have their case assessed and all possible defenses will be provided. An attorney with a successful track record can keep someone with a drinking problem from years of negative consequences.

Children watch everything that their parents do, good or bad. This is how they learn. Children imitate their parent’s opinions, they pretend to be their parents by doing the same things, and they seek approval of their parents by acting “just like them.”

Some Very Good Reasons Parents Should Seek Help

Children Mimic Their Parents   Statistics show that children of people with alcohol problems are more likely to start drinking at an early age and become heavy drinkers. This goes back to mimicking their parent’s actions. Young children assume that whatever their parents do is acceptable. It is not until they are older that they realize that drinking is a problem. Sadly, many never realize this and go on to have alcohol related problems in their adult lives.

DWI is dangerous  Driving while intoxicated not only places your child at risk, it can be very scary for them. Your erratic driving may not only cause the child to be afraid, but being pulled over for DWI can also lead to scaring your child. Additionally, if you are arrested for DWI, your child may find themselves in state custody for a temporary period, further adding to their trauma. If you do get pulled over and charged with a drunk driving ticket, you’ll want to enlist the help of a top DUI Attorney. Alcohol causes tempers to flare. When you have alcohol in your system, your ability to make good decisions is compromised. This can lead to temper flare-ups in situations that may not be justified. Many forms of child abuse occur when the parent is intoxicated.

Drinking Alcohol can Lead to Health Problems  There are many different health issues associated with alcohol abuse. These health impairments can cause you to be unable to care for your child. Your child needs you both emotionally and physically. Taking care of your own health is, in effect, helping to care for your child.

Their Children Often Perform Poorly  Parents who drink alcohol, too often, can keep their child from being successful. Due to the many different pressures associated with a parent drinking, a child will often perform poorly in school. This poor performance will affect their self-esteem, prevent them from making accomplishments that would have otherwise been simple for their abilities, and possibly affect their entire school career.

As a parent, you have a special responsibility to your child. These small individuals look to you for love, guidance and support. They learn from your actions. Tragically, they learn from your inactions as well. Alcohol can impair your relationship with your child, leading to a life of problems that could have easily been avoided.

Paralegal Kelly Kovacic posts this article for the benefit of anyone who will be traveling with their children this year. The New Jersey DWI Law Firm of Evan Levow successfully defends clients facing tough DWI penalties. They have qualifications that no other firm in New Jersey shares and their aggressive and innovative DWI defense strategies are unique and effective.

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