PCOS Treatments and Pregnancy

Polycystic Ovary syndrome, a condition affecting about 1 in 5 women in the UK, is a common cause for complications in regards to conceiving and pregnancy. However, due to the progression of technology in the medical sphere, and more knowledge about the disease, means pregnancy is still an option for women with PCOS.


High androgen levels, irregular periods and cysts in the ovaries are the three main symptoms of PCOS, with the menstrual cycle pattern being disrupted often the most obvious sign. As PCOS affects female hormones, it’s therefore a common reason for infertility. It is because of these high levels of androgen that the eggs often fail to mature, meaning the egg is not released and the woman is not ovulating, causing irregular or missed periods.


Women with PCOS are also at a higher risk for complications with pregnancy and childbirth. It also causes complications to do with conception- the imbalance of hormones often means women with PCOS are infertile, or have trouble getting pregnant. Of course, monitoring the ovulation of the woman will improve the chances of pregnancy, and is a great method for any young couple trying to conceive.


Although PCOS has no cure, there are treatments for the symptoms of PCOS. The condition usually affects the physical appearance of women- such as the development of acne or worsening of it, weight gain, and excessive hair growth and balding- all physical transformations that can be directly associated with PCOS. PCOS treatments involve cosmetic treatments for many of these symptoms- like hair removal and over the counter medicine that is easily available for improving the skin. Birth control pills can also be supplied to attempt to control and reduce the effect of PCOS on the female hormone system.


Exercise and a healthy diet is crucial for any person, especially for women that are trying to conceive, and is normally the first suggestion the doctor will make when discussing possible treatments. It also is a perfect way to alleviate a key problem with PCOS, which is weight gain, whilst making a positive impact on your life. While PCOS is associated with infertility, it does not make pregnancy impossible for women that have the disease. Due to medical advances in terms of both technology and the understanding of PCOS, women can try IVF treatment. Fortunately, with positive lifestyle alterations, or infertility treatments- such as IVF- many women with PCOS do conceive and become pregnant!




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