Photographic Memories Immortalized: The Dream is Real

Remember when you and the pictures taken of you were identical, and what you saw in print was representative of what you saw in person? Remember when certain people always seemed to look good in every photograph? Remember when you found out that your favorite entertainers really don’t look the way they do on the red carpet? Shouldn’t everybody who pays to be photographed be able to experience the joy of looking perfect in print?


Remember when you took your own photos because there was no need to hire a professional photographer? With the exception of school pictures, you and your Polaroid, and then later, you and your disposable camera did all the grunt work for every special occasion from womb to tomb. Those were the days. All you had to do was stand back, instruct everybody to lean in close together and say, “Cheese!”

Fast Forward

Change is good. Some statistics show that wedding planners have led the charge to take photographing precious moments out of the hands of consumers and place the responsibility firmly in the capable hands of professionals. In our current society people want what they want right now, and they want it perfect. Now, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Lights, Camera, Action

While you may not know your best side, or your best angle or what type of lighting lends itself to ensuring that you will always and forever look absolutely flawless in print, professional photographers are paid to know these things. That said, it is imperative that you do your homework to ensure that you get exactly what you are paying for. While there are plenty of photographers to choose from, the fact of the matter is that all photographers are not created equal. Photographers generally have niches and they don’t all specialize in the same thing. Be sure to do a compare and contrast of the photographers you choose once you narrow them down, and don’t forget to check references. This is one decision you absolutely should not make based on price alone.

Picture Perfect

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s true — if you get it done right the first time. For random photographs of your family vacations and the like, the camera on your phone will do the job in a pinch. But when it’s something that really matters, something that you want to last a lifetime, know your limits or the lack thereof and ensure that your pictures reflect the moment exactly the way you want it to be remembered.

Photography professionals eliminate the guesswork common that consumers, as novices behind the camera, used to have to deal with when they took pictures, crossed their fingers and hoped for the best once developed. Now you don’t have to worry if you get an unforgiving pimple on your wedding day, or stress yourself out about losing those extra 10 pounds for fear of the camera adding on 10 more. Now, your most important ‘remember when’ moments can be moments you actually want to remember; moments you want to share instead of hide. From the graduation ceremony to holy matrimony, these are moments that are deserving of being captured by a professional photographer.

Heather Shipp is a freelance writer whose guilty pleasure is photography. In researching the genre in which she would like to specialize, the work of a Raleigh wedding photographer caught her eye and she knew immediately what she wanted to capture on film: Love.

Photo Credit: D.A.P – devaneios altamente photográficos

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