Pregnancy Stress Sorted

Pregnancy can be a stressful time, and this affects different women in different ways. It can also vary between pregnancies, so don’t assume that you will feel the same way as your mom or a friend who has recently been through pregnancy. It’s normal to feel anxious, as you’re preparing for the arrival of a new person who will change your life forever. However, too much anxiety can be bad both for you and for your baby. Learning how to manage stress is essential for a smooth ride through pregnancy.

Get Some Rest

Only you and the health professionals in charge of your care should decide how much activity is good for you during your pregnancy. If you feel fatigued easily, put your feet up and commit to going to bed earlier. Your body is working very hard to nourish your baby, and you should allow it time to rest. Don’t feel guilty if you can’t accomplish the same number of tasks as you used to, this is absolutely normal.

Improve Your Diet

If you eat poorly during your pregnancy, your unborn child won’t receive the correct nutrients. The myth of ‘eating for two’ has now been debunked, and it’s not appropriate to binge on fatty or high sugar foods just because you’re pregnant. It’s best to stick to a diet that contains oily fish, nuts, seeds, fruit, some dairy, lean meat and plenty of grains and vegetables. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals will help boost your mood and allow you to sleep better at night.

Treat Yourself

If you’re feeling low, it may be time to treat yourself to something that you can enjoy during your pregnancy. There are plenty of stylish options available for maternity clothing and Bibee Dresses has a unique range of versatile garments that can be worn as both daytime and occasion wear. Don’t hesitate to pamper yourself with the occasional massage or manicure.

Appropriate Exercise

You can still be active while you’re pregnant and light physical activity will really help improve your mood and release tension. Swimming is a great choice and keeps you toned without putting unnecessary pressure on your joints. Even if you can only manage a ten minute walk after lunch, a bit of fresh air and exercise is better than nothing. There are yoga classes available that specifically cater for pregnant women, and this will help with toning and teach you relaxation and meditation techniques. A yoga class and some deep breathing will go a long way to combating any anxieties you may have about pregnancy or the birth. 

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