Say No to TV: How to Beat Boredom with Your Kids This Winter

Whilst the winter months are a little longer than we’d like, you must understand that kids need stimulation during long periods inside due to the harsh weather conditions and the TV shouldn’t be your first port of call. Instead keep that television, game console, computer and any other hypnotic state inducing gadget off with these 5 boredom busting ideas for kids!

Fall in Love with Arts and Crafts

Get your creative juices flowing as a family with some rather arty activities. As well as creating your very own studio at home, there are also a number of arts and crafts activity schemes run locally and regionally so do your research and find your nearest craft activity. It’s not just creativity that getting crafty enhances, taking part in arts and crafts has been proven to increase co-ordination, which is the perfect skill to take into the classroom long after winter has been and gone.

Pick Up a Picnic

Whilst you might not have the weather for it, a picnic can be a fun activity for all the family and in the warmer months offers the chance to explore your local surroundings. In the summer you can easily take a trip to your local park or ramble along a route in the country to discover all that nature offers with some tasty treats, but what happens when it’s raining or even snowing outside? An indoor picnic can be just as fun and making yummy homemade food for it can also offer the perfect bonding and learning experience.

Hunt High and Low

Treasure hunts are often an activity saved for holidays like Easter but an exciting egg hunt around the house could be just what you need to liven up your bored bunch all year round, come rain or shine!

Great Play Dates

Getting your child together with school friends over the winter months is also encouraged and children certainly won’t be bored or even venture near a television if their friend has come to stay. Whether held at your home, another parent’s house or an alternative location, play dates are a great way for children to develop long life friendships and it can offer a great bonding experience for parents too.

Multi-Task with a Few Chores

This may seem like a ludicrous, idealistic idea for many parents but getting involved in an activity children see their parents doing regularly can often be an exciting new world for younger kids. Turning child-friendly chores into a game can not only get your home cleaner faster, it can also instil values and qualities that keep your child balanced throughout their childhood, whilst a chore chart can see their efforts reap some great rewards!

This post was written by County Nannies, a recruitment agency that assists families of all shapes and sizes with professional childcare options via the appointment of nannies, au pairs, nursery staff and maternity nurses. 

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