The 3 Essential Steps to Introducing Your Kids to Water

If you’ve done this before, you’ll know that it can be a real challenge to introduce your children to water to begin their long journey to becoming a proficient swimmer. Whether you’re introducing your second or your first child to water, you’d be surprised by how quickly they’ll learn – given the correct method and the right level of encouragement. Here’s our short guide to teaching your kids to swim.

1 – Poolside Anxiety

The first problem you’ll have to face is your kid’s issue of poolside anxiety. Contrary to popular belief, people aren’t innately afraid of water, but instead, people are usually conditioned to be afraid of water when they’re young. Therefore, when you’re teaching your kid to swim, a great first step would be to sit them on the side of the pool and let them dangle their feet in. It’s essential to remember that children are naturally curious, so it’s important that they receive enough exposure to water before they’re forced to be in it.

2 – You Can Lead a Baby to Water…

If you hurry the process of getting your child into to the water, it could have disastrous results. Instead, you should encourage slowly through gradual increase of your child’s exposure to water. Do this by taking water from the pool and gently splashing your child with it, and then by taking your child and slowly bobbing their legs in and out of the water. If your child looks like they’re enjoying it, continue to encourage them to get further and further into the water, and before long, they’ll be submerged.

3 – Making a Big Splash

When the time finally comes that your child seems comfortable in the water, it’s the time to allow them in. It’s important to remember that people are more buoyant than you might think, and if you keep calm in water you’ll float. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid to let your kid in the water by themselves, though if it makes you feel more confident, you could give your kids some buoyancy aids like the ones available from Konfidence. Once your child is in the water, you should let them roam as they’d like. They might just want to cling to the side of the pool, but if they do decide to let go, you should let them because it shows they have the confidence to explore.

So there you have it: 3 steps to helping your kids into the water to learn to swim.

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