Tis The Season

Tis the season for eating too much, drinking too much, attending multiple parties, celebrating two major festivals, believing in magic and most of all it is the season of doing it for the kids. If you’re stuck for inspiration on how to make the Christmas holidays super fun then look no further than here for creative ways to make their day even after the big day itself!

Be The Man

There is no better childhood Christmas memory than waking up bleary eyed to hear sleigh bells in the distance and seeing Santa sneaking back down the stairs after leaving your now fit to bursting stocking at the end of your bed. Create those magical memories for your child by becoming the big man, beard and all and sneaking about the house on Christmas Eve. Best be quick and hot foot it to the bathroom to change once they’ve spotted you though or the secret will be out!

Bake and Be Happy

A fantastic way to entertain kids of all ages and bring the family together in one room doing something that isn’t sitting around watching endless TV movie repeats is to get your bake on. Think simple and go for easy to make biscuits that have three basic steps (mix, roll, cut) that can be dished out as jobs. Once the biscuits are in the oven get everyone to pitch in with tidying up and setting up their own individual decorating stations. Completed biscuits can be swapped, eaten or given as gifts.

Make a Book

A lot of traditional craft activities lack the high quality physical outcome that today’s children have come to expect. Bypass this sticking point by getting all ages to work together from grandparents down to toddlers to make a family picture book that can be shown to future generations. You can keep it Christmassy or pick a universal topic as a subject before using collage materials, paint or felt tips to create the picture book pages. Make them all on the same sized paper for easy uploading to the family computer and then simply use an easy online publisher/printer to make your book a reality.

This is a great project idea as it can take as little or as much time as you’ve got free and it can be pulled out every following year to introduce new family members to the ways of the household or simply to relive the memories once again. They also make good presents for next year, genius!

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