Using Promotional Materials For Small Businesses

The success and failure of your business depends on how successful your marketing strategy turns out to be. Creating awareness of your business in the market helps you gain customers. The most effective and cheapest way to market yourself is by using promotional products. Promotional products are cost effective market solutions such as mugs, t-shirts, pens and key chains. They are often used to deliver your message to your targeted customers about your organization and your products and services.

The Benefits of Investing in Promotional Products

Market Effectively at Low Cost

First and foremost, the biggest benefit of investing in promotional products is that you save a lot of money and at the same time you get your message delivered to a wider audience. One thing you should always keep in mind is that this strategy is a slow working process and does often take time.

However, it is very effective as it covers a larger area. Promotional items are usually given off free or as a gift with a product. This way you will make the customer happy and he/she will tell others about your offer. Another way to distribute these items is by holding a promotional seminar and handing out products such as mugs, pens and notepads as gifts.

Speed Up Marketing

Statistics of the last five years show that promotional products help speed up the marketing campaign. They not only help achieve your marketing goals but they are a great way to get your employees more involved with the organization, in turn increasing employee loyalty. These items make them feel like a part of the organization.

Whenever they wear a t-shirt with a company logo on it and people admire it, they feel more proud of the organization. This way they become more determined to help the company rise and have a positive attitude in the office. This way you hit two birds with one stone. Firstly, you get your employees on your side and secondly, you still achieve your marketing purpose. Wherever they use your products marketing is being done.

Everyone Loves a Gift

It helps generate a positive review from the customer and might pave a way to future business. There is always a chance of this happening no matter how expensive or cheap the gift is. Their purpose of advertising your business is achieved as soon as you give then out.

In the expensive and highly competitive market deploying promotional products is an excellent tactic. Coffee mugs sit on desks of offices where hundreds of people come on go, table and wall clocks in offices or other public places will be seen by everyone working within the area or walking across the place.

Most Cost Effective Ways to Promote a Small Business

Promoting a small business can have a number of pros and cons. Your job is to play your strengths well and take care of the weakness.

Guerilla Marketing

Companies with large market shares are usually at a defensive position. They struggle everyday to maintain what they already have. While, the position of smaller companies is offensive. They can attack in areas where the bigger brands aren’t looking.

For example, a small business can select a certain niche and exclusively make offers to them only. This can both enable more effective marketing and save promotional costs too. For example, if small business deals in handmade bags and pouches, target housewives from affluent families. Once you’ve chose your niche, follow the tips below. They can do wonders for you!

Play the Experts

Once you’ve entered a certain niche, communicate to your target market that you are the best in your field. You don’t do so by self proclamation. Rather you get who people already trust to say it on your behalf. Find the right people in your market who can pass on your word.

Go Online

It is absolutely imperative that you go online as deep as you can! The web doesn’t cost much and small businesses are the ones which are deriving the most benefit out of online marketing practices. In fact, there are rapidly growing businesses that thrive only through Facebook.

Here are the following online marketing practices that can significantly benefit your business without costing much. Here is a check list for your online presence:

1. Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc
2. Video Sites – Youtube, Yahoo Videos, etc.
3. Domain – Your own website that is! And attach a blog in one of the pages of your website.
4. Other websites – try other bloggers to blog about you. For example, if you deal in purses, ask fashion bloggers to spread the word. If your product is worth it, they’ll certainly agree. Not to mention, give them a freebie when to do spread the word.

Keep a Check

While selecting graphic designs such as the logo, posters, etc., opt for effective graphics which can save you money. When printing, costs can vary with the ink spent on a poster. Try developing a simplistic theme which will save you money down the road each time you print stuff.

Don’t Waste an Inch

Yes, brand everything that comes in the view of potential customers or business partners. Emails, letters, faxes, stationary items, visiting cards, parcel even the vehicles driven by the company’s employees! If your graphics are good enough, they’ll be a pleasure for those who view it!

Overall these cheap promotional items spread like water on a table. This cost effective marketing strategy takes you and your business towards achieving your goals. Most of the promotional products are very useful and so remain with the customer for a long time. This way your message will be conveyed for a long time to come and will become a common household name.

Eva has helped hundreds of small businesses to achieve effective promotion through his work at Custom Gear. It’s one of the faster-growing promotional companies in Australia.

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