What does Playmobil have to offer for children this Christmas?

In a world permeated by technology, smartphones, laptops and video games, traditional children’s toys seem to become rarer by the day. They are not obsolete just yet, though, and there are still several companies working hard to keep classic games and creative plastic toys and playsets in demand.

Playmobil, one of the leaders in toy sets, are one such company, and this Christmas they have not failed to come out with a range that will keep kids entertained and inspired for hours without the need for any electronics at all. Testament to their continuing influence and popularity with children is the success of their 2013 Christmas ad campaign, which allowed the public to enter to be ‘the voice’ of Playmobil.

Their festive range, which features gender specific options as well as several unisex ones, gives parents the opportunity to go back to basics, in an age when many worry about their children getting sucked into the technological age too early. It gives their children the chance to get creative and let their imaginations run wild, away from a computer screen. With many different components, the sets are something that can be enjoyed in a social setting and that other children – and adults – can get involved in, providing fun for all and helping to keep children socialised.

Included in the Playmobil Christmas range is a Winter Wonderland Advent Calendar, which features 24 separate boxes containing plastic figures of animals, Father Christmas and nativity characters. By the time Christmas day comes round, these will all have been unveiled to reveal a full festive forest scene. For boys, there are pirate and police versions of this set, and for girls, princess wedding and pony ranch versions. There are also festive twists on the classic Playmobil playsets, with a traditional Christmas living room and a Christmas market being central options.

The manufacturers’ age recommendation (for children aged 4-10) should be noted carefully, as children over 10 tend to outgrow toy sets fairly quickly. Nonetheless, it is clear that Playmobil continue to have something refreshing to offer the toy market for young children, and that something is all the more welcome in this largely technological age.

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