What Your Mom REALLY Wants this Christmas: X Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming up and you need to buy a gift for a very, very special person – Mom. Your mum raised you, fed you, and helps babysit your kids. She’s your number one support and always knows what to do when you are sick or need someone to talk to. But what is the PERFECT Christmas gift for mum this year? What does your mom REALLY want this Christmas?

Snug Comfy PJs

Buy your mom the comfortable holiday PJs this Christmas. Both fun and cozy, Christmas PJs with a matching slippers are one of the perfect gifts for your mother. Buy her jammies with Christmas trees, snowmen, or cute little reindeer. Top it off with fuzzy slippers and silly socks. Your mum will love it!


For the Bookworm

Does your mom like to curl up by the fireplace and read a good book? Then purchase an exciting e-reader for her. There are several popular options available, like the Amazon Kindle. Fill the e-reader with dozens of your mother’s favorite novels, newspapers, and magazines. She will enjoy this instant library-on-the-go. And if she is a movie fan, too, then buy her the Amazon Fire. This Kindle streams video and the Internet.


Gardening Gifts

If your mum loves to cultivate flowers and vegetables in her home garden, then purchase the Magnolia Gardening Tools collection. The collection includes a cute watering can, floral gloves, and other helpful gardening accessories. These vintage inspired practical tools will help your mother grow beautiful plants every year.


A Smart Speaker

Even if your mom isn’t into technology, she will enjoy having her own smart speaker like the Amazon Echo or Alexa. These handy devices can do everything from search the web to play music to check e-mail. They are voice activated. Even better, they can be integrated with other smart devices in the home. This means that your mom can control the garage door, surveillance, the coffeemaker, and the television from the living room. Not only that, she can ask the smart speaker questions about upcoming music concerts, the weather, recipes, and life hacks, all from a single device.


Snuggly Body Pillow

Especially designed for side sleepers, body pillows are ideal gifts for mom. She can take some of the pressure off her back, relieving pain. Most body pillows are created with long slender shape, but the snuggL Body Pillow brand is an innovative L-shape to help make mom comfy.


A Home Spa Kit

Maybe your mom is still raising kids and works long hours. She doesn’t have time to take care of herself. She doesn’t have time for a spa day or manicure. Buy your mom a home spa kit. You can buy a premade themed kit or create your own with a variety of delicate soaps, perfumes, and candles. Include a manicure set and her favorite nail polish. You can add creams and masks for a luxurious facial.


For the Music Mama

Does your mom love music? Buy her a record player and her favorite albums. Is she a musician? Get her a gift certificate to her favorite online music store. Or even better, buy tickets to her favorite band or orchestra for a night on the town with your mom. What a great way to spend Christmas!

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